Thursday, March 28, 2013

T.V. Shows

What  T.V. shows do you or your kids watch? Ellison loves the following...

Curious George
Daniel Tiger
Doc Mc Stuffin
Bubble Guppies

These are her top 3 I would say. She likes to watch cooking shows with me too!

What T.V. shows do you watch? I watch the following shows. I DVR all of these so when I have down time at night I can have something to watch on T.V.

Grey's Anatomy
Law and Order SVU
Criminal Minds
Rachael Ray
The Ellen DeGeneres

I am always looking for new shows to watch for both of us. I would love it if you would leave comments with new suggestions of some of your favorites.


Jessica said...

I'm pretty picky about what my girls watch. They only watch cartoon shows (not shows with real people).
They like the ones you listed as well as Dora, Peter Rabbit, Franklin, and Tickity Tock.


Lots of people loved to see Jetsons (one of the old cartoon shows) which aired in 1960s and was about space age relatives. I grew up with it and I recall believing that the future could well be just like that.