Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monkey Toes!

Ellison and Daddy's Monkeys Toes!

7 Months old!

Ellison Grace you are 7 months old! (3-3-2011)

You are "talking" all the time. You are wearing size two diapers YEAH!!!! You are wearing 6 months cloths and some 9 months. You are a very tall girl. You get that from your Daddy.

You are having milk 4 times a day every 4 hours. You have baby food 3 times a day. You are loving almost everything that we give you.

You have really started to play with all your toys. When you get a new toy we show you how to play with it once and then you catch on and know just what to do right away.

You are loving bath time a lot still, which makes us very happy.

You do not like it if Mommy or Daddy walk out of the room and you cant see us.

You have two teeth on the top! They look so cute in your little mouth.

Monday, April 18, 2011


She loves to take the wash cloth put it in the water and then suck all the water out.

Ellison loves to be in the tub!

She loves her letters and numbers from Nana and Papa!

She has graduated to the big tub, because she splashes to much!

I think she would stay in the tub all night if we let her. I am excited for this summer to see how she likes her little pool.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 months old (late)

Ellison you are 6 months old!!!(2-13-2011) You are such a busy girl.

You have started to "talk" a lot more. You love to sing when there is music on or when Mommy does. You went on your first date with Mommy and Daddy on Valentines day.
You are wearing size 1 diapers and 6 months clothes.

You are eating fruits and vegetables twice a day. You are loving almost everything that we give you. Applesauce is your favorite. Must be because your Nana made it for you with love.

Nana and I made a lot of fresh whole made baby food for you. It took some time but it was pretty easy. I love that I can do this for you.

You are loving being in jump-er-roo! You are a little jumping bean.

Ellison loves to . . .





TALK and . . .

Ellison loves her giraffe's!

5 Months old (super late)

Ellison Grace you are 5 months old(1-13-2011)! Your sweet little personality is starting to come out!

You sleep in your crib during the day when you take your naps. You still sleep in your bassinet at night in Daddy and Mommy's room. You roll all the time and are starting to love playing with all your toys.

You are such a happy girl!

You smile all the time!

You are wearing size 1 diapers and size 3-6 months. You are a very tall girl!

You love to sit in your bebe pod seat. We just started to put you in your exersucer. You still eat every 3 hours. You go to bed around 9 pm and wake up around 7am in the morning.

You are starting to like your cereal more each day. We have started you on oatmeal with a little fruit mixed in.

We love you so much Ellison Grace!!! We are having so much fun watching you grow and change each day.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Since Ellison was born I am not using coupons like I use to for everyday items. But....

I do keep my eye out for formula,baby food, diapers and wipes. These are things that I really don't like to pay full price for and I am happy to say that I have not since Ellison was born. I was given a great tip from my cousin before Ellison was born. She told me to start to buy diapers and wipes before the baby comes.

This was great advice I was getting coupons and saving them before Ellison was here which meant I had a good amount before she arrived. Now I always have enough and I am just keeping stocking up. I buy bigger sizes that I know I will need in the feature. I love to look at my stock pile of diapers and wipes!

I watched TLC's extreme couponing last nigh and it just blows my mind at the money you can save by just watching sales and using coupons.

Do you use coupons???

I would love to know some of the good deals others can get using coupons. If you dont use coupons for baby things and would like to send them my way I would love it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Do you use toothpaste( I hope you said yes)? Do you like to get things for free? I do!

Then I have a deal for you!!!

Go to walgreens and buy colgate a tube of colgate toothpaste max fresh, max white or max clean 6 oz tube. Tt is on sale this week for $2.99 and you will get $3.00 in RR (register rewards)to use on your next purchase so you get it for FREE!

Then next time you are at walgreens use your $3 RR on your next puerchase or milk eggs a newspaper what ever you want.

(FYI this deal is only good untill Saturday( 4-9-2011)

Monday, April 4, 2011


Ellison loves her Papa!


This is Ellison's "crown" or helmet. She is doing great with it! This is the shirt her Papa got for her. We have not found one yet that say I love my Papa.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Ellison got to meet her Uncle Bruce her Dad's brother and her Aunt Lisa Bruce's wife.
They came up to meet Ellison for the first time.They live in Ohio so we don't get to see them very much.

We had a great visit with them.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dinner and play time

We went to the Jonkers for dinner. It is so fun to watch the girls play together.
Ellison had a great play date with her friend Lina Rachel.

Lina would tap Ellisons head and say baby baby. They were so cute together.


All ready for bed in there PJ's and pacifiers.

I am so excited to watch these girls grow up together.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring is coming....I hope!

We have had a busy few weeks around here. We have been doing little things around the house getting ready for spring. My parents came over and helped do little odds and ends. We got a new dinning room table and chairs, they look great! We hung a bunch of things on the walls. I love having new things around the house.

Ellison is also getting use to wearing her "crown"/helmet. She has to wear it 23 hours a day. We take it off right before her bath and then put it back on when she is ready for bed. This past week also started doing Occupational Therapy. We will be going once a week for an hour. Then they give us homework to work on each week. While we are there we also get adjustments made on her helmet. Josh and I think this is harder on us then Ellison. I figured out how to attach her hair bows and flowers. We get lots of comments on how cute it is.

Ellison is not a big fan of Tummy time so she just rolls over.

Ellison all ready for bed in her fuzzy PJ's

Ellison had a play date with her friend William. They were both checking out his new mobile. Ellison is 4 months older than William.

Ellison has started to wave Hi and Bye. When people walk in and out of the rooms she will wave. It is so cute!

I found this cute hat at Gap the other day it was 97 cents so I just had to buy it.