Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Papa we love you very much! You are such a blessing in our lives.

Tubby Time!

One of the things Ellison loves to do now is take a bath! She loves to splash all around. She loves to play with her toes and toys in the tub.

When we give her a bath we have to put towels all around the sink because she splashes water all over. We also have to move the paper towel and everything else that is in the way because she soaks everything.

Soon we will have to put in her the regular tub!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Paint,ER and Giggles

Last weekend was busy here at the Parker house hold. My brother in-law Larry and nephew came to help Josh and my Dad work on the family room and office. They got the ceiling painted and the walls. Also they cut down a huge pine tree in our back yard.
It is so nice to have family close that is so willing to help anytime.
Josh and my Dad are still working on painting the trim that is up. Then we will get all new baseboards and then it will all be done! It is going to be so nice to have even more space for Ellison.

On Saturday while the boys were working on the basement, My mom and I took Ellison to the Emergency Room. She had been sick for a week. She was running a fever since the Saturday before on and off. We had taken her into the Pediatrician office on Wednesday and they said she had a virus and to call back if it was worse. While we were there they ran many tests, they did a chest xray, urine specimen and strep test. Which she did not like any of those. They diagnosed her with a upper respiratory infection.

Cereal is getting better each day. We have started with oatmeal which she seems to like a little more than rice.

Ellison is starting to giggle she loves it when you blow on her tummy when she is getting her diaper changed. It is so fun to watch her learn something new every day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ellison Grace 4 Months old!

(This is a post that should have been done on December 13th 2010)

Ellison Grace you are 4 months old! Your sweet little personality is starting to come out!

You sleep in your crib during the day when you take your naps. You still sleep in your bassinet at night in Daddy and Mommy's room. You started to roll over and now every time we put you on your tummy you roll right over on to your back.

Mommy has been back to work now for a month. Things are going well I miss you when I am away but I know you are in great hands while I am gone. Nana has been coming to our house on the days Mommy and Daddy both have to work, which is great!

You smile all the time!
You are wearing size 1 diapers and size 3-6 months. You are a very tall girl! We went to the Doctor for your 4 month check up but you were almost 4 1/2 when we went. You were 26 1/2 inches long and 15.5 pounds.

You are starting to play with more toys. You love to sit in your bebe pod seat. You still eat every 3 hours. You go to bed around 9 pm and wake up around 7 or 8 in the morning.

We started cereal you were not a huge fan.

We love you so much Ellison Grace!!!

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Do you like Frosty's from Wendys?

I do! I had a lot of them when I was pregnant with Ellison.

Next time you go ask for a little frosty card. They cost one dollar and the money goes to Michigan adoptions programs. You can put in right on your key chain so you wont forget it. Then every time you go to Wendy's and buy anything you show them your card and get a FREE Jr. frosty just the perfect size for desert or a snack.

One of my good friends Katie and her husband adopted there son, he is such a blessing in there life!

If you have not read her blog please check it out. You can get to from the link on my blog. Her blog is called "when hello means goodbye".

Friday, January 14, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Parker!

Grandma and Grandpa Parker came for a visit.

Here is Ellison showing them "the lip" this is what she does when she is sad.

Here is Ellison and Grandma Parker by the Christmas tree.

I made dinner and they got to visit with Ellison. It was so good to see them.

Pre-Christmas 2010

Here is ESPN our dog he is still around. He is very good with Ellison. She likes to watch him run around.

Here is our little "angel"

Ellison's favorite place to be is her changing table. She loves to kick and move all around.

Ellison wanted to take a sink bath at Nana and Papa's house like Mommy use to.

She was splashing all over!

Ellison, Nana and I made Christmas cookies we let Elli help cut them out.

She was more interested in the neat cookie cutters.

She is drooling all the time now so we have to wear a lot of bibs. This one is from Nana and Papa that they brought back to Ellison from there trip to Mexico last February at the time we did not know what we were having.

I love this hat Ellison got for Christmas it goes great with some of her new outfits. I can put bows and flowers on it. (Thanks Siegers)

Ellison got these boots for Christmas and I think they are so cute!

Geuder Christmas 2010

Ok on a side note I have been on hold with the insurance company for 1 hr and 32 minutes so far so I put them on speaker next to me and thought I would get some blogging done. Grrrrrr!

Here is Christmas with my mom's side of the family! We get together every year and do what we do best EAT!

Our family has gotten so large that we no longer fit in any ones house so we have to rent a place to get together.

It is so fun to get together and see everyone. This year there were 3 more baby's added to the party Isaac, Samuel and Ellison!

Here is a picture of Ellison trying on her new winter hat!

* Much more pictures to come of Ellison and her first Christmas!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


WOW I am very behind on blogging.
I need to spend some time with these!

I still have to post Ellison's 4 month post. Today Ellison Grace is 5 months old! I can not believe it. Time is flying by, I just want to push the pause button and slow things down.

This weekend Josh, My Dad brother in law and 2 nephews are going to come and paint our family room and office down stairs. I am so excited to have these rooms done. It will be so much more room for Ellison to play.

Today it is snowing some large flakes it looks pretty. Ellison and I are staying inside all day. We have not plans to go any where. I have dinner in the crock pot already. I love crock pot dinners.

Ellison has been feeling a little under the weather. We took her to the paediatrician yesterday and they checked her our she has a viral infection and a sore throat. I feel so bad for her. She is normally such a happy little girl. We also think she might be getting some teeth soon.

Josh has been working some overtime which is bittersweet, we miss him when he is not home, but the extra money is always nice. Work has been busy for me as well.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year from our family to yours!