Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A few new things for Ellison....

On 3-16-2011 Ellison received a helmet which we are calling a crown. She will have to wear this for any where from 2-6 months. Oh course we are hoping for the lesser one. This will help the sides of her head which were growing improperly sift back and her head will become a normal egg shape if you are looking from the top. Right now it is shaped like a muffin or cupcake.

She has been drooling a lot for about 3 months and on 3-20-2011 the top right front tooth popped through then on 3-21-2011 the second one came top left. We have been told by many people that it is un-common to get the top ones first but we say leave it to our Ellison to get them first.
Right now she does not want to show them off we try to get pictures but she wants nothing to do with it. When I can get a good one I will post it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We have been busy around here. I have been so bad about blogging. My parents have been in Mexico for two weeks they get home today and we are so excited! We are so happy that they can spend this time together!!!

Since my Mom takes care of Ellison when Josh and I work, we had to make our schedule different these last 2 weeks. I worked all my days in row on Josh's days off and Josh worked on my days off. On Sunday I had a great surprise Ellison and Josh came to the hospital and meet me for lunch! It has been a long two weeks of not really being together as a family. I am looking forward to the weekend and being able to spend time with each other.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to have our pictures taken by Lisa Walcott from Walcott imaging. If you are looking to have pictures taken soon check them out.

We were so happy with the pictures and could not pick so...we just got the disk with all the pictures. I have been reminded this week pictures last forever so take lots of them!

We got the sitting fee for free thanks to my Mom's in Tow membership. If you live in the area check this out!

I have high hopes of getting on here more to blog so that I can remember all the fun things Ellison does : )