Sunday, April 21, 2013

It happened again....

Well I have always been scared it would happen again and it did! We have gotten rain tons of rain everyday since April 5th.On Thursday I went down stairs in the morning to find that our basement had flooded. The entire finished side was flooded with water. The unfinished side and laundry room and bathroom were all wet. We had this happen in 2008 after we had about 3 ft of snow melt overnight.
We now have started the long process of getting things cleaned up. Josh is ripping up all the carpet and pad. Then the cleaning pro's will come in and extract the water that is still down there and clean everything up. They will also spray a mold killer/pre-venter. Then we will have huge fans and dehumidifiers down there for a few days.
Then we have to see what all needs to be replaced other than the carpet pad and trim.
I am up set that this happen but I ever more upset that now Ellison does not really have a place to play, all of her toys were downstairs. We have moved everything up to the spare room. Which we were in the process of turning into Ellison's new big girl room which is now on hold until we get the basement put back together.

Ugggg I told Josh I wanted to move!

Well I hope every one else is doing well. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Picture catch up!

Oops I forgot to blog for a while again! Here is what I have done the last two weeks  or so via pictures. I love to look at peoples pictures on blogs, I hope you do too!

Ellison loves to play Doctor all the time. She told me she was the patient and I was the Anesthesiologist (and yes she knows what that it)

My hubby and I had a date night and I picked Red Lobster!

She feel asleep in my arms love that and it never happens anymore.

Joined Sams club again Whoo! I love that place :)

Tried a new recipe from my friend Katie it was wonderful.

My college roommate Sara and I went shopping all day in MI City and went to Matey's for dinner. It is always a wonderful day when I get to spend it with her.

Ellison trying on her Easter dress but she did not want to turn around for the picture.

Easter after church  Ellison is opening up her presents from her Aunt's, Uncles, Cousin and Nana and Papa. She was so spoiled with love!

I was so proud of my little girl she ate fish!

Snuggles with "Kitty" her favorite!

ESPN had to dress up too! Poor Dog :)

Something is wrong with this picture! She is such a silly girl.

I am always finding things that don't belong in the bathroom. This time it was a stick she found on her walk with Daddy.

Kitty is the patient this time.

Love her :)

This was one of my favorite days recently! A date day with my sweet friend Katie!
We went shopping had a great dinner and ended the night at Panera which is so fitting for us.   

Waiting for dinner to be ready at Nana and Papa's so cute.

New pillows, I am loving them :) I need to find a few more.

Ellison and my Mom surprised me with flowers when I got home from work.
Made my week!

weakness ( I am eating some right now)

Playing blocks at the Library one of her favorite places to be.

Fresh and clean

Heather and I, we love Mexican food and drinks!!!

Ellison's chair after Sunday dinner today... She did eat some of the food I think.

Bedtime prayers with Daddy via Skype
Well I am now caught up. I hope everyone has a wonder week.

Monday, April 1, 2013

10 well almost...

I got this idea from Kelly and Kellys' Korner. I am going to do 10 random facts about myself.

1.) Many people don't know that I have twin sisters. There names are Barb and Lisa and they are 18 years older than I am. I was born on there first day of there senior year of high school.

2.) I became an Aunt when I was 7 years old. I now have 4 nephews and 2 nieces and one great niece.

3.) My senior year of high school I sang at Carnegie Hall. It was a amazing experience that I will never forget!

4.) I don't eat eggs unless they are in cakes or cookies. I make them all the time for Ellison and Josh but I don't ever eat them. YUCK!

5.) I was an exchange student in high school and I went to Germany in between my junior and senior year.

6.) I took sign language for 2 years in college, and taught at school for the deaf in Jamaica for a week with a group of other girls from Trinity. This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have told my Husband many times that I would love to go back and visit the school some day.

7.) I love salt n Vinegar chips, thanks to my friend Sarah. I tried them for the first time in 1 st grade and I have been hooked every since.

8.) ?

9.) ?

10.) ?

Since I could not think of 3 more things I think that I will tag 3 people and ask them to write 10 random facts about them selves.

Katie L.
Jessica M.
Jaclyn B.

I can't wait to read what your write girls. :)