Friday, July 31, 2009


ESPN loves to ride in the car.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MI-IN-IL-WI-IL-IN-MI 650 miles!

***On Friday Josh and headed out to start our quick vacation. We went to South Holland,IL to visit one of my college roommates Sara and her husband Adam.

Ready set Vaca!

Our life line for our trip!

Traffic and there was lots of it!

Welcome to South Holland (this is where Sara and Adam live!)

***On Friday night Sara, Adam, Josh and I went out for dinner to the White Rhino. Then we stayed over night at there new house. We had such a good time, just wished we could have stayed longer.

This was place was awesome, we want to go back!

Sara and Adam at dinner... Adam open your eyes!

***On Saturday morning we left South Holland,IL and made our way to Sheboygan WI, for Rachel and Joel's wedding.

Heading to WI for Rachel and Joel's wedding.

Look an old Lotus!

We wanted to stop but we had a wedding to get to.

***The wedding was beautiful, I left the camera in the car (oops). The reception was at a place called "The Bull" it was beautiful.

Head table

Our table

Rachel thought of everything, check out the cute table numbers. Rachel and Joel went all over and took pictures of them selves with all the different table numbers.

Rachel the bride talking with her new Mother-in-law!

Some of the bridal party.

Henry & Wendy Branderhorst with Ruthie, she was the Matron of Honor!

Great table!

Josh and I

My Trinity professor Patti Powell, it was so good to see her!

Time to cut the cake!

Awww so cute!

We all danced the night away! We had such a great time at the wedding!

***Sunday morning it was time to get back in the car and head to down town Chicago!

We went to Melanie and Brain's house. Mel was my first college Roommate! We had lunch with them at a great little bar around the corner from there house.

Me excited driving into the city!

Josh really excited driving into the city!

ESPN ZONE! This place is so fun. It is also what our dog is named after!

Weber grill Yummmo!

***Driving into the city, on our way to the Wyndham. We stayed there for our late anniversary. Josh worked on our Anniversary and his Birthday so this was the weekend we were celebrating it!

I took so many pictures!

I love the sky line.

It is amazing!

Look a blimp!



and more Buildings

Oh my!

Josh at the Hershey store down town!

I really wanted to get this!

Josh in our hotel room!

The view!!!!

View from our room, we were on the 16th floor!

Josh in our suite, it was amazing!

Josh and I in the elevator

I loved this coffee maker!


At Gino's you can write everywhere so.... I did! Anne and Josh 6-16-07 our anniversary!

Josh and I down town!

Cute horse carriage!

Good Morning Chicago!

View from our room!

Time to wash the windows!

On Monday morning, we had breakfast at corner bakery my favorite. Then we started our day of shopping! We had a little problem the battery in the camera died so we did not get any pictures.
We had an amazing time and a great ride home. Josh and I need a vacation and time to get away. This was just what we needed.
Thanks Josh!

WOW that was the longest post ever!