Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Over 100 Posts!

I had a busy but fun weekend. I threw a baby shower for my friend from college Ruthie. Over the past few months I had a great time planning the shower with her sisters Leah and Martha. We had a great day, we had brunch, played games and had some amazing cake. It was great to see Ruthie open up all her great baby gifts. We all get to meet baby Hoving the first part of March!

I had been feeling a little under the weather for over a week. So I went to the doctor on Monday to find our I had a sinus infection. Uggg no fun at all. My wonderful husband has been taking good care of me. He bought me these great Vick's puffs tissues. They seem to work really well.

Josh and hope to get our family room finished in next few months. We just need to paint and put up the trim. It will be great when the room is all finished.

By the way this is 102 post! I forgot to tell everyone when it was our 100 post. oops ;) but I did make it to my goal of having a 100 post before the end of the year.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome to 2010 with the Parker Family!

Josh and I have been keeping busy over the last few weeks. We both worked a lot of the Christmas and the New Years holidays.

This year did not feel much like Christmas to either of us. Josh and both worked the 24-26th this year. We were not able to do the regular traditions that we have done in years past, such as go to Church on Christmas eve or spend time with our family's on Christmas. The holidays just felt like another normal day.

We were able to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family on Dec. 27th. We had a great time being able to see everyone. Josh and I then got to celebrate with his sisters and there family on Jan. 2nd.

We are unsure as to what 2010 will bring for us but we are excited to see what God has planned.