Sunday, April 21, 2013

It happened again....

Well I have always been scared it would happen again and it did! We have gotten rain tons of rain everyday since April 5th.On Thursday I went down stairs in the morning to find that our basement had flooded. The entire finished side was flooded with water. The unfinished side and laundry room and bathroom were all wet. We had this happen in 2008 after we had about 3 ft of snow melt overnight.
We now have started the long process of getting things cleaned up. Josh is ripping up all the carpet and pad. Then the cleaning pro's will come in and extract the water that is still down there and clean everything up. They will also spray a mold killer/pre-venter. Then we will have huge fans and dehumidifiers down there for a few days.
Then we have to see what all needs to be replaced other than the carpet pad and trim.
I am up set that this happen but I ever more upset that now Ellison does not really have a place to play, all of her toys were downstairs. We have moved everything up to the spare room. Which we were in the process of turning into Ellison's new big girl room which is now on hold until we get the basement put back together.

Ugggg I told Josh I wanted to move!

Well I hope every one else is doing well. :)

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